Technik have developed a standard workstation utilising a 60kN Promess Press together with PLC control that is an off the shelf solution that only requires the customers tooling to start production.

The TWS-60 offers a self contained station which can be placed easily using a fork lift and once connected to a 415V supply is ready to operate.

Our innovative PLC and HMI software allows the unit to be configured to suit your particular pressing application.

Advantages to using a promess manual workstation:

  • Compact design: all-in-one
  • Different variants with nominal ranges of 50 N to 30 kN
  • Extremely fast for short cycle times
  • Flexible for NEW applications
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use programming software UFM V5.xx
  • Combines complex work steps in a single process
  • 100% quality assurance, documented
  • Window and envelope technology
  • Quiet and clean - no oil or pneumatics
  • Extremely fast changeover times, suitable for small production runs

Advantages to using a Promess modular single workstation:

  • Modular system design enables individual customised workstations
  • Wide range of force, stroke and speed ranges
  • Integrated force-distance monitoring
  • Immediate display of process results
  • Highest positioning accuracy and repeatability across the entire press stroke
  • Numeric control eliminates the need for mechanical stops and adjustments to control valves
  • Extreme robust design for long periods of use
  • T-slot and central bore for easily fastening the tool
  • High level of operating comfort thanks to short distances for insertion operations
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Supplied with CE declaration of conformity

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